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Don’t Facilitate That Meeting Yourself!

The role and responsibilities of the professional facilitator are frequently misunderstood, for a variety of reasons. Like any other specialized field, group facilitation expertise is a body of knowledge that is developed over time and with specific training.

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Program Management in Focus: LIEAP

While Align provides a wide range of business services, program management is one of the most resource-intensive and rewarding community-building challenges we take on.

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3 Signs Your Organization Needs Strategic Planning

It has become a cornerstone of organizational and business planning, but some organizations are still reluctant to devote the resources necessary to develop a successful strategic plan. Having a strategy for the future is critical to any organization's success. 

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Nonprofits seek to stay above the fray

Recent attacks on the Johnson Amendment, a provision to the U.S. tax code that prohibits 501(c)3 organizations from endorsing or opposing political candidates, could have widespread implications to the nonprofit sector.

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Giving Control Creates Leaders

While hundreds of years of leadership theory has conditioned business leaders to take control, creating more leaders instead of just followers is critical to planning for your organization's future.

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If it's been awhile since you've examined your approach to presenting, take a couple minutes to review our tips. Is it time to refresh your presentation?

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