Gratitude ~ thankfulness

Align’s mission is to “create strong communities by partnering with businesses, nonprofits and government for more impactful, successful organizations and programs.” For Align, our GRATITUDE is to the organizations which are stewards in our communities.
We move so quickly through life we sometimes forget all that we’ve accomplished. So, this December, when things were feeling festive in the Align office and there was a break from the usual day-to-day routines, it was decided: Now is the perfect time to interview our management team to discuss their experiences, discoveries and achievements over the last year. This process was also a great exercise for them in mindfulness and conscious living, and a way for them to reflect on 2019.
Kathy Cathcart, President and Managing Director saw 2019 as an amazing year, one in which Align was able to help extraordinary clients and the great people of Wyoming. Kathy is also proud of the team who makes up Align. She describes them as innovators, risk takers but mostly as Family. When asked what she was most grateful for in 2019, Kathy said Align. She calls her work place her “safe place,” the place she goes to get away from the craziness of life. Kathy is grateful for this working environment and for the support she receives daily from her partners, Jody Shields and Brittany Ashby. Reflecting on one of her biggest hits in 2019, was securing the LIEAP contract (Low Income Energy Assistance Program)

                                       Energy ~ vigorous exertion of enthusiasm and spiritedness

Jody Shields, Vice President describes 2019 as a year of ENERGY! Energy in this case for Jody translates to waking up on Monday mornings excited to hit the road. That energy carries over daily as she interacts with her enthusiastic employees who work to innovate and solve problems that make a difference. In 2019 Align employed six new employees. And while new hires can sometimes impact the workplace differently than what you might expect, that wasn’t the case for Align. One of Jody’s proudest moments was recognizing 2019 as a pivotal year for Align and for the Wyoming Nonprofit Network. Growing the network’s membership to new levels was an incredible effort and one Jody was proud to be a part of.

    Effort ~ conscious exertion of hard work

Brittany Ashby, Vice President said 2019 was an incredible year because of EFFORT. The team’s effort paid off after 5 years of hard work to reach profitability. It took incredible effort building relationships and putting all the pieces together to make that happen. When asked what she was most grateful for in 2019, Brittany said the Early Childhood Professional Learning Collaborative project. This project was a joint effort to establish a new and innovative system for designing and delivering professional development. The goal of the project was to improve learning outcomes for Wyoming’s youngest children by elevating the quality of the early childhood programs they attended. After working in the Early Childhood space for nearly 12 years it all came together in 2019. Seeing the work come together through this mission was exciting, but equally as exciting was to see the impact it made in the communities. When asked what she is most proud of over the last year, Brittany said the opportunity to work for a company she was able to help shape and the opportunity to help grow a company that fits her values.

                Reflection ~ consideration of a subject, idea, or purpose

As 2019 comes to an end, it was time for a moment of REFLECTION. Reflection was a combination of both joy and sadness. One of the toughest challenges for the Align team at the end of 2018, transitioning in to 2019, was the unexpected death of one of its employee’s. Align honored her memory throughout the year and started an annual fundraiser in Sherry’s memory.

As we close out our Year-In-Review, we ask that you to take a moment to REFLECT on what may have happened in your life to shape an extraordinary year. And in doing so, allow yourself to feel GRATITUDE. But most importantly, GIVE THANKS.