When planning and launching a new initiative or project, have you ever felt like the team did not get a good start? Perhaps there were communication problems or missteps during the process. Some of these challenges might be explained by differences in psychological preferences. This is part II of our four-part series on Personality Differences in the Workplace.

These differences typically have something to do with the psychological preferences between Sensing and Intuition. As described by Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Sensing and Intuition are terms to explain the different ways in which people prefer to take in information.

In looking at communication in the workplace, we see a few differences between these two preferences.

People with a preference for Sensing:

  • Focus on the facts and details before the big picture
  • Are pragmatic and practical
  • Are grounded in the present
  • Trust lived experiences over anything else

People with a preference for Intuition:

  • Focus on the big picture first
  • Imagine the possibilities
  • Are future-oriented
  • Trust their “gut” over anything else

These preferences are not mutually exclusive. All of us use Sensing and Intuition, but we prefer one over the other.

When communicating with your team about a new project, include components of both preferences. For instance, communicate the big picture and overall outcome. Then discuss the specifics about the project and known current realities. Continue to integrate both of these preferences in your communication throughout the project.

MBTI is a great tool for enhancing effective communication, resolving conflict, and leveraging individual strengths. If you are interested in bringing an MBTI session to your workplace, reach out to us.