Bringing someone new to your team is exciting and challenging! On one hand, you will get new ideas and enthusiasm, on the other, you need to think about how the new person will fit with your existing team, and there’s so much communication to manage.

The often-overlooked foundational steps are vital. These steps are all about clarifying the need:

  • Check your job description. Is it complete? Is it up to date?
  • Consider your skills and your team’s skills. Where are your team’s strengths? Where do you need a boost?
  • Create a team. What stakeholders should be involved in the search? What should each stakeholder bring to the table?
  • Discuss the opening with the team. What needs do they see? What do you want each team member to bring? How will the team be involved? Are you looking for input so you can make a decision? Will the team select?

When you know what you need, your job is easier: Advertisements and interview questions practically write themselves. You’ll know what application materials and processes will show you the candidate’s ability to do the job. Clear objectives prevent you from being distracted by interesting, but irrelevant, information. Finally, understanding the gap between your needs and the candidate’s skills will facilitate your hire’s success—you’ll know where you can expect them to excel without much support and where you should support their growth.

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