Project management methodologies are sometimes a touchy subject for project professionals, we’ve all got our favorites. But what matters, in the end, is that the project results are delivered on time and within budget.

Sounds easy, right?

Projects are not easy, but they do not have to be traumatic. Just as projects are created and launched in a 30-minute meeting, they can spin out of control just as quickly. The most common reason is not the failure of someone’s favorite method, it is because no method was followed.   Regardless of whether you are updating your principles or starting fresh if you commit to the following 5 fundamentals your project delivery lifecycle will improve, and so will your project team’s morale.

  • A project must always be temporary. There must be a start and end date.
  • A project must always accomplish a specific goal. The goal is not the specific solution – the goal is solving the problem.
  • A project must always have a clear and dedicated budget. Leaders: don’t re-allocate the budget on a whim. Project Team: don’t go over the budget without defining the need and getting approval.
  • A project must always involve interested parties. Communication and managing expectations are key for all parties.
  • A project must always have a project manager to ensure the previous four fundamentals are followed. Involve project managers in creating and revising your organizational principles.

Keep these 5 principles in mind you will begin to see that your organization’s willingness to implement and adhere to project management principles is much more important than the brand or flavor of the principles chosen.