February BlogAfter all, the ability to predict what concepts are gaining traction, and what ideas have fallen out of favor can help ensure your organization isn’t left behind. Regardless of the sector your organization operates, or your organization’s technological sophistication, recognizing the expectations of the modern workforce is critical to continued success.

We’ve identified three workplace trends identified by thought leaders as gaining additional importance in 2019. By recognizing the rising importance of these three workplace trends, your organization will be better equipped to move forward. It’s critical for leaders to do an honest assessment to see if your organization is prepared for what’s coming down the road. Remember that getting stuck in old models of thinking is a great way to ensure your organization is left behind when it comes to recruitment, retention or revenue growth.

1. Ethical Leadership is More Essential Than Ever

It only takes a quick look at today’s headlines to recognize that ethics and honorable behavior isn’t always a priority. But whether you work in the nonprofit, government or private sector, ethical leadership will continue to be of increasing importance in how the public (and consumers) view your organization. With a mood of collaboration diminishing in many areas, “There will be an increasing need for business leaders to fill the void and provide much-needed leadership that goes beyond the normal business boundaries and into society as a whole,” suggests Inga Beale, a member of the Mayor of London’s Business Advisory Board.

“In the past decade over 100 studies with more than 30,000 employees have consistently found that employees who believe their leader is ethical are happier, more committed, perform better, are more likely to be helpful to others and less likely to behave unethically,” said Professor David Mayer from the University of Michigan.

To encourage an ethical culture in your organization, ensure you have a mission statement that reflects your values, and that ethical behavior is emphasized at all levels of your organization.

2. The talent war is won through values

Given historically low unemployment rates, the value of human capital is a theme that organizations will be forced to focus on even more thoughtfully in 2019. It will be important for organizations to be unambiguous when recruiting talent, targeting workers whose values align with their own. Ultimately, the war for talent will be won by organizations whose core values are most strongly aligned with the values of their employees. Look for candidates who have a passion for your mission.

To that end, more companies will be working to get their company values and ethos into the public domain. This allows applicants to get a better idea of what your company does and how it does it, allowing them to make sure their career interests and working style are a good fit. Self-aware candidates will think more carefully about their organizations fit before applying. A report by Deloitte, “Global Human Capital Trends” found that organizations are now being judged as much for their impact on society at large as for their success as a business.

3. Employee experience will continue to take the center stage

Organizations and leaders are paying close attention to employee experience and understand the impact it has on their customer experience. A 2018 report from the U.S. Department of Labor indicated that workers are leaving their jobs at a rate not seen since 2001. To retain employees, successful organizations will place a focus on their culture, professional development opportunities and team relationships.

A clearly defined culture is the hallmark of successful organizations, but keep in mind that workplace experiences get shared online. That means your organization’s “employment brand” gets created based on what your company culture actually is, not what leadership perceives it to be. According to an analysis from Gallup, the team manager accounts for 70 percent of the team’s employee experience.

Review your mission statement, workplace values and employee engagement for weaknesses. If your organization is looking to address change head-on, Align can help. We offer customized assistance in the areas of leadership development, employee engagement and team building.