One Goal. One Team.

The Align Team will work side-by-side with you to help produce measurable results specific to your needs. Our consulting services range from leading through change to increasing organizational performance.

Your organization is unique, with its own culture. The Align Team will tailor a solution that is right for you.

One Goal, One Team


Strategies for Success

Align can help your organization build a useful strategy. We’ll help you:
– Set a mission and vision
– Formalize values
– Determine risk
– Set goals

We’ll make sure your strategy isn’t just something that sits on a shelf, but a tool you’ll use to move into the future.

Smart Growth

Human Resources Services

Productivity Up, Liability Down

“Human capital,” including employees and volunteers, is the most important indicator of and organization’s success. Without effective people and systems in place, organizations struggle.

Our human resource experts help your people be at their best, while ensuring compliance with the latest regulations. We can help with:
– Employee and volunteer handbook reviews
– Job description and salary reviews
– Benefits analysis
– Key personnel searches
– Employee climate surveys
– Communication systems reviews

Align is also your best resource for employee development and training.

Productivity Up, Liability Down

Training and Development

Improving Skills

Align has a proven track record of assessing individual and organizational needs, then building customized training and team building sessions to successfully respond to those needs.

Improving your associates’ and organization’s performance is more critical than ever. Customers expect more. Competition intensifies.

With a variety of issues facing organizations, figuring out what is wrong and what to do about it can be the biggest hurdle to success. Whether it is managing finances, providing top-notch customer service, effective communications training, strengthening team cohesiveness – or something else altogether – Align will provide your team members and your organization the training necessary to thrive.

Align also offers one-on-one leadership training that covers just what you need at times that work for you.

Improving Skills


Finding Consensus

Align helps stakeholders come together to find common ground and make effective decisions. Our skilled, experienced facilitators help ensure all voices are heard.

Whether you are working at the community or organizational level, Align helps to identify common themes in order to bring groups together to build consensus so projects move forward. Whenever you need commitment from a variety of stakeholders, Align will help you get it.

Finding Consensus

Program Management

Don’t Add Staff, Add the Align Team

The Align Team has more than 30 years of experience managing all types of programs – from membership associations to complex federal and state programs.

When the program you offer requires accuracy, accountability and unparalleled customer service but you don’t want to hire staff, Align is the answer.

Program Management