In April of 2017, Phil Van Horn, President and CEO, will be retiring from the Align Team. As Van Horn transitions out, the Align board and management team will be transitioning to a new leadership structure that will use the existing talents of its leadership team to serve its clients. Within this structure, Kathy Cathcart has been asked to serve as the first President and Managing Director, to oversee the day to day operations of the organization and to work closely with Vice Presidents Jody Shields, Bill Benskin and Brittany Ashby to move the organization into the next phase of its development.

In making the announcement, James “Murph” Murphy, President of the Align Board of Directors, said, “We are delighted to work with Ms. Cathcart and the leadership team as they continue to grow the company and bring Align’s outstanding services to more people across the state and region. The Align leadership team is a group of highly competent leaders who each bring strong talents and a wide breadth of experience to the table. The Board is incredibly grateful to Mr. Van Horn for his years of service, during which time he played a significant role in the development and successes of Align.”

Cathcart stated, “The entire leadership team, including our Board, agrees that a change to our management structure will better suit our organization. The Managing Partner vs CEO structure will allow our leadership team to focus more as a group on the services we are providing.” Ms. Cathcart went on to say, “The current plan is for me to serve in the President and Managing Director position for three years and then one of my colleagues will take on that role. I’m very humbled and honored to be named to the position. I’m invigorated knowing that the change, and then rotation, will preserve the stability, continuity and continued growth of Align.”

Align is a nonprofit organization specializing in planning, consulting, training and program management for a wide variety of businesses across all sectors and in multiple industries. Based in Cheyenne, Wyoming, the firm works with clients throughout Wyoming, in western Nebraska and down the Front Range of Colorado.